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Show #13: Own Your Own Anger 2



Show #12: Emotions



Show #11: Brain Power



Show #10: Auto Pilot


Show #9:  The Observer



Show #8:  Personalities




Show #7:  Changing Behavoirs




Show #6:  Taking Over a Conversation


Show #5:  Own Your Own Anger


Show #4:  Blame Game


Show #3:  Positive Regard


Show #2:  It Is What It Is


Show #1:  What Is Mindfulness


Tom K. Dec 2018: “Wow, your Mindfulness show is engaging and connecting discussions. Maggie it took me deeper into the idea of being fully alive in myself, in NOW. It is something I certainly need to be reminded, from time to time. Thank you for your wisdom, Tom
Sheila T. Nov 2018: “I loved the show!!! I think A LOT of people could totally benefit from that perspective! “
Natasha V. Nov 2018: “Maggie your show has so much wisdom and insights. It is helpful for all ages. Each week my mother and I listen and learn.”
Anne H. Nov 2018: “Your show is so good, it has been helpful in my life. I now have my 90 year young aunt, listening to each show. Thank you”


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