Sorcha McEwan

Cultural Historian, creator of “the Older Woman” a philosophical and health/fitness oriented system aimed at showcasing and mentoring the acumen, power and sheer magnificence of women with a ‘certain’ attitude. Sorcha is a lecturer/writer, nutritionist, food alchemist, weightlifter, student of Tai Chi, and quantum physics, agente provocateuse and hell raiser. She readily admits to not being a fan of conformity. Sorcha loves Nocturne in B Flat Minor by Chopin, the writer, Doris Lessing, the movie Interstellar, cooking outrageously good food with friends and pumping iron. She loves discussing consciousness, human evolution and the perpetuation of an all-inclusive civil society. She prefers style to fashion, blues guitar to symphony, and heroism to celebrity. Sorcha has danced with death (cancer) and survived. In the face of that tango she decided to radically re-write her relationship to food, to food as medicine, and to systemic health and fitness. She hangs around with good-looking young men and is into neuro-hacking. And if all of that isn’t enough Sorcha says, “I do a lot of other crazy shit as well, and I am loving every fascinating nanosecond of it.”


Episode 2 – Airing November 17, 2018

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