Larry Smith

Larry was born in the Fraser Canyon and moved to Victoria at the age of 12. The mountains of the Fraser Canyon and the beaches of Vancouver Island both hold a special place in his soul.

At the tender age of 17, he became a single father to his newborn daughter and he’s found the balance of both his sacred feminine and his sacred masculine sides through having to be both mother and father.

“All the mysteries of the universe were revealed to me the moment I first wiped my tears from my daughters face the first time I held her in my arms. I had never seen anything so perfect, so beautiful nor had I ever felt a deeper love.”

Dedicated to his now 4 children and community, Larry brings a life perspective that very few will ever know. He wishes to share all the knowledge and life lessons that he has amassed.

Larry Enjoys many hobbies, some of which include playing classical piano, many forms of art, history from multiple perspectives, writing short stories, wilderness survival and cooking amazing meals.

“Dance in the kitchen, dance in the living room and dance in the bedroom…life is a dance.”

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