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Listen Outside The Box with Sunny & Larry

Openbox Radio was conceived by men and women that no longer fit in the accepted boundaries of the left/right frames of the modern social/cultural system. We intend to test the boundaries of what is considered to be common knowledge and to understand that available information is, for the most part, constructed by the social elites and is therefore often inaccurate and incomplete.
We are storytellers and aspiring keepers of knowledge. We are willing and able to talk to the world in a way that makes sense to all. We hope to be the voice of the center, of the reasonable and the proportionate and we invite you to join us as we strive to think, to speculate and to connect outside the box.

Sunny & Larry
These two met at a store almost 22 years ago. Larry was working behind the counter when Sunny came in and started chatting about music. There were a few disagreements about what good music was, but then Sunny piped up and said that no matter what anyone says, Queen is the greatest rock group to ever exist.

The fact that Larry had been a mega fan of Queen since he was 4 years old pretty much solidified their friendship. That night after work, the two of them got together at Larry’s, ordered pizza, and listened to Queen all night.

Freddie would be proud.

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